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Helping Bristol Women Over 40 To Shape Up,

Get Fit & Feel Fantastic!

Bristol's Female Focused Gym!

We will help you to change your life by discovering the slim, strong, healthy body you have always wanted. With our personal trainers as your support system, we will help you to stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals.

Don't worry, there's no egos or drill sergeants here. You will find a fun and welcoming environment where you can learn how to exercise safely and effectively with our highly skilled trainers. 

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"I have seen amazing results in my body. Losing over a stone, losing inches and body fat. I'm much more toned and supple. I'm so much stronger and fitter than I've been in a long time."

"I have lost so much weight, my body shape has completely changed. I have so much energy and I’m loving life again!

 Best decision I ever made!"

"I have lost 11cm around my waist and 7kg.  Within 3 months I felt a million dollars in a wedding outfit I couldn't wear before! I feel both mentally and physically stronger now."

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''In 12 weeks, we’ll show you how to drop a clothing size, take back control of your health, and fall in love with exercise so you never have to start over again.''

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