July 29, 2019

It’s an exciting time in the body image world. While it’s always been acceptable for men to be muscular, it’s now a goal for many women – yay progress!

But there are still quite a few myths floating around about muscle, and I am going to bust them for you today. 

1. Lifting makes you bulky – this is obviously m...

July 25, 2019

Do you believe that there are hard and fast rules around nutrition and fitness that MUST be followed?

  • You MUST eat breakfast if you want your metabolism to kick in

  • You must do cardio to burn fat

  • You must eliminate all sugars to lose weight

  • You must follow the principles of [insert di...

July 22, 2019

Too often in the realm of fitness we rely on willpower to get us to our end result.

But we all kinda know how that turns out.

We lose motivation. We discover willpower is incredibly finite.

So instead, let’s look at some mindset hacks to make this whole longevity thing around health and fitness much easier…


July 18, 2019

Humans, by nature, are not designed to be crazy enthusiastic about going to the gym or getting fit.

Truthfully, our DNA wants us to do what we have to do to hunt and gather food then reserve our energy supply.

You see, our wiring hasn’t caught up with how quickly we’ve progressed as a species over thousands of...

July 15, 2019

One of the biggest reasons I see people fall off the health and fitness wagon is also the saddest.

It’s lack of support. Be it a spouse, family members, or friends, one of the fastest ways people are pulled off track from reaching their goals is when they aren’t fully supported by those they love.

This happens...

July 11, 2019

There are so many reasons that people desire to get in shape, lose weight, get stronger, etc.

But the reason lies underneath the surface.

It’s not really about the number on a scale, how much the barbell in your hands weighs, or anything really to do with being fit at all.

It’s our desire to feel a certain way.


July 8, 2019

Want to hear something crazy?

The way you speak to yourself directly impacts the way your body looks and feels.

It’s not just about exercise and food!

We become what we believe ourselves to be. We become the emotional weight we carry.

And today I want to share a few ways that you can actually change your body wit...

July 4, 2019

There have been a TONNE of dietary crazes over the past fast few decades, and each time, they’ve been positioned as the BEST. When a diet is popular, it seems that the notion is that this is the ONLY want to achieve a lean, fit body.

Some that come to mind are:

  • Low-fat

  • Atkins

  • Paleo

  • Keto


July 2, 2019

Look – I know it’s easy to get stuck on the scale when you want to change your body. I’ve even been guilty of this myself.
But today I wanted to share some other ways you can check in with yourself to see you’re making progress…even if the number on the scale hasn’t changed.
Check out my 8 ways you’re pro...

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