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Nutrition coaching comes a standard for all our clients who workout with us. Nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness, and only when we get it right do all those hours of hard work in the gym really start to pay off. Your body will start to change, you will feel more energised on a daily basis and your body will be fuelled for exercise and recovery. Good quality nutrition, which is tailored to your own lifestyle and your personal preferences is crucial to helping you succeed in achieving your goals. We pride ourselves on the nutritional knowledge of our personal trainers, and our ability to not only help people make better food choices, but educate them on how and why those food choices will benefit them. 

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach to nutrition and won't give you a rigid meal plan to stick to from day one, with hell to pay if you fall off the wagon - that's not our style! 

We adopt a 'habit based' approach to our nutrition advice, helping you to change your nutrition habits over time, rather than over night. 

By keeping a simple food diary each day, we work with our clients to identify their successes and challenges with nutrition. This way we can work with your individual needs and focus on what really matters. 

When it comes to ideal nutrition to transform your body, boost your energy levels and get the most of your workouts we believe in:


- Eating an abundance of natural whole foods

- Reducing your intake of sugar and processed foods

- Drinking plenty of water 

- Being mindful of portion sizes

- Supplementing any gaps in your nutrition


If that sounds sensible to you, we're going to get along great!  


''In 12 weeks, we’ll show you how to drop a clothing size, take back control of your health, and fall in love with exercise so you never have to start over again''

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