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Group Training with us is fun, effective and gets results fast! We currently have 3 different classes - Metabolic Effect, Hatton Boxing Fitness and Kettlebells, all aimed at helping you increase your overall fitness and burn fat, while creating a strong, toned body. 


You'll train with us at our lovely studio in Southville, just a stone's through from North Street. It's a non-intimidating environment with a warm welcome and all the support you need to get in shape. The studio is only used by our team of personal trainers, so you will never be fighting for space or equipment like you might at the larger gyms. 

Bristol personal trainer, Personal training in Bristol
  • LOSE FAT & INCHES We will teach you how to burn fat by actually eating more and exercising less!! 

  • IT'S FUN We believe you should find something you really enjoy doing, because then you're more likely to stick at it. All our classes are suitable for mixed abilities so you can focus on having fun, rather than keeping up with everyone else. 

  • QUICK RESULTS, THAT LAST You will start seeing and feeling results very quickly. You'll have more energy, feel more toned and see a flatter tummy in weeks. But there's no fad diets here, we will teach you how to make this change long lasting.  ​​

  • MORE CONFIDENCE We will empower you to feel more confident in your body so you can start living the life you want to live and wearing the clothes you have always wanted to. 

  • MORE ENERGY You will be amazed at how much more energy you have to keep up with your family and work commitments. 

  • EAT REAL FOOD With your Group Training programme you will receive our fat burning nutrition guide, packed with guidance for busy lifestyles and for those who like to eat real food! 


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