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Bristol Personal Trainers

''Personal training with Amy has been life changing for me. I feel the fittest I have ever been! I knew I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the weight loss and fitness that I have today on my own. Working with Amy has been absolutely crucial to my progress.''*

Vanessa, Victoria Park


Fill in the form below or call us to arrange your free consultation.

Our free consultation is designed for us to get to know you so that we can start work on a personal training plan to help you achieve your goals.  The free consultation includes:
  • A qualified PT learns about your goals and personal fitness needs

  • They then start work on a tailored plan of action - including different price and time options 

  • A qualified PT answers any questions you have about training

  • The consultation is completely free and with no obligation 

Fill in the form now to request your free consultation!

''I have become stronger, and have lost 2 stone. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and my body.  I have also managed to change the way I eat, and finally cut out most of the sugar and junk food.''*

Mary, Southville

*Disclaimer: Our featured success stories followed our full nutrition program and exercised 3-5x/week. Individual results may vary.

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