The Body For Life programme 

With our Body For Life programme, we believe in a holistic approach, so before we start training you'll receive a full health and nutrition assessment, as well as fitness tests. Our Semi Private Personal Training offers the benefits of 1 to 1 Personal Training but you workout in a small group of 2-4 others who have similar goals to you. Exercises are tailored to your individual needs and fitness level, with everyone supporting eachother and making friends along the way. More support, more accountability and more fun. 


You'll train with us at our lovely studio in Southville, just a stone's through from North Street. It's a non-intimidating environment with a warm welcome and all the support you need to get in shape. The studio is only used by our team of personal trainers, so you will never be fighting for space or equipment like you might at the larger gyms. 

  • LOSE FAT & INCHES We will teach you how to burn fat by actually eating more and exercising less!! 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY Every week you will be accountable to your trainer using our Food & Exercise Journal. Then every 6 weeks you will have a review with your trainer to track your progress and ensure you are getting results. 

  • QUICK RESULTS, THAT LAST You will start seeing and feeling results very quickly. You'll have more energy, feel more toned and see a flatter tummy in weeks. But there's no fad diets here, we will teach you how to make this change long lasting.  

  • MORE CONFIDENCE We will empower you to feel more confident in your body so you can start living the life you want to live and wearing the clothes you have always wanted to. 

  • MORE ENERGY You will be amazed at how much more energy you have to keep up with your family and work commitments. 

  • FLEXIBLE SESSIONS We run sessions throughout the day Mon - Sat and you can book your own sessions week-to-week to fit around your busy life, using our Schedule. 

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