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Week 3: Creating our new personal training studio

Boy what a week it's been - I've been taking deliveries left, right and centre, with all sorts of goodies turning up at the studio this week. Imagine my excitement when this lot turned up first thing Monday morning. I certainly got a good workout bringing this lot inside!

It was then straight to work with building and finding a home for it all. Now if there's an opportunity to build something, my husband Oli is happy as Larry with a screw driver and some flat pack, so after a few hours of leaving him to it, wallah...we have our weight lifting room! Now ladies, don't be intimidated by these beautiful bits of kit. I will show you exactly how to lift like a pro and tone every inch of your body with total confidence!

And we are still working on a lovely changing room for you, so the boys have been hard at work tiling the showers this weekend. Didn't they do a good job? And all it took was a couple of lunch runs to keep them fuelled! Huge thank you to Ian Longhurst from Mendip Tiling for his sterling work.

Another busy week ahead and tomorrow is the day our Empowered Fitness signs go up outside. I am so looking forward to that moment! Stay tuned for more sneaky peeks next week.

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