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What is Empowered Fitness personal training?

The Empowered Fitness training studio has been a dream of mine for the last 3 and half years, since I became a personal trainer. I came in to the industry after overcoming some personal health and fitness struggles of my own – battling with being both overweight and underweight at different times, with terrible body confidence issues. I was also driven by a desire to do something which felt rewarding and fulfilling. I have always been passionate about body transformation and the incredible power this has to change people’s lives, so I knew right from the start exactly who I wanted to help through my training service.

Empowered Fitness are here to help people who aren’t sporty people, they feel uncomfortable going to the gym, in fact they may have never stepped foot in a gym. We are here to help people whose ultimate desire is to shed unwanted body fat to improve the quality of their life. These are people who are fed up of trying to hide their wobbly bits, and getting frustrated because their fitness and energy levels are holding them back from living life to its full potential. Empowered Fitness isn’t about honing your body to within an inch of its life, but regaining control over your health, until you reach your natural weight, so you can feel amazing inside and out.

I could go on and brag about having super spangley facilities, convenient parking spaces and shiny new equipment. We do have all of this, but that’s not what it’s about. Our goal is to provide you with a motivating environment, the tools and the knowledge to start loving yourself again, through intelligent nutrition and exercise. Don’t you worry about how we’re going to do it, that’s for us to worry about ;-)

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