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Top 10 Fat Loss Foods!

It can be really hard knowing what to eat... Here at Empowered Fitness we can help you go from just eating a healthy diet, to eating a Fat Loss Diet. Unfortunately, there are no foods that directly burn fat, however, there are plenty of foods that can significantly aid fat loss.

Fat loss foods are those that keep you full, give you energy and reduce your cravings. The best foods to keep you on track are those that are high in protein, water and fibre. By this we mean animal/fish/veggie proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Below is our list of the top 10 fat loss foods that you can add to your diet

1. Skinless Chicken Breast – It’s a classic for a reason! Chicken breasts are great source of protein that will keep you full and supply stable energy.

2. Eggs – The white part of the egg is a wonderful protein hit. Reduce the amount of yolks you eat as although very nutritional, they are high in fat.

3. Berries – Blueberries and raspberries in particular, as they are low sugar and high in antioxidants.

4. Organic Cocoa Powder – Fantastic for reducing cravings and raising energy. Cocoa powder also releases feel good chemicals in the brain so can improve your mood too!

5. Cruciferous Vegetables – Think kale, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Fill up on these bad boys for a fibre boost that will keep you fuller for longer!

6. Cayenne pepper – Add this to your diet to help your body to boost metabolism, making it harder to store fat.

7. Coconut oil – Can have wonderful effects on your metabolism due to being high in medium chain triglycerides. These are fatty acids which are metabolised differently to other fats.

8. Green tea - Loaded with antioxidants, green tea contains active compounds which can increase the impact of fat burning hormones. Release of the hormone norepinephrine helps to send a signal to your fat cells to break down, so it makes for a great fat loss aid!

9. Apples – Low sugar and high in fibre, apples can make you feel fuller for longer. They are also high in pectin, which helps to limit the amount of fat your cells can absorb.

10. Salmon and Sardines – Great for fat loss as they are packed with good essential fats and high in protein. They also have lower mercury content than most other fish.

Remember, with a fat loss diet it will always be a case of trial and error to begin with; you have to be your own food detective to see what works for you. Your Bristol personal trainers here at Empowered Fitness are always happy to help and advise you.

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