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Personal trainer tips: The importance of eating slowly.

You'll often hear us talking about this, but why should it matter if we shuttle food into our mouths, or take a long time delicately eating each mouthful? It all ends up in the same place, right?

Hopefully this blog will help you to understand the benefits of eating your food slowly.

Improved digestion

Simply put, if you chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly, you will digest it more efficiently. It's common to want to eat quite quickly, especially if you're really hungry, as you just want to get the food and energy that comes from it straight away, but slow down!

Digestion starts at the mouth, so, if you have large bites that are inadequately chewed, it'll be more difficult for your stomach to process. This can lead to indigestion and other uncomfortable health problems.

We suggest trying to take around 20-30 bites for each mouthful of food, and don't pack too much on the fork!

Sensing satisfaction

This is a really big one. You should aim to be mindful that you're eating a meal that (hopefully!) you’re enjoying, and feel satisfied afterwards. This is much less likely if you've scoffed it down in record time! You need to give your body time to realise that you're full up.

It takes about 20 minutes after you've consumed food for the brain to send out signals of satiety (satisfaction), so, if you eat quickly and have large portions, just think how much you could eat in 20 minutes! You will more than likely end up overeating, which will leave you feeling uncomfortable, unsatisfied, and will lead to putting on weight over time.

Appreciate each bite, the taste and smell, and enjoy your food! We suggest eating in a calm environment with minimal distractions.

Improved hydration

If you eat slowly, this is more likely to increase water consumption - this is a good thing! Studies show that consuming water whilst eating a meal makes you feel fuller for longer, you will also get the benefits of energising your muscles, and helping your kidneys and bowels work more efficiently.

We suggest drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal to help with digestion and to give you the extra hydration benefits mentioned.

If you need any further guidance, you can get in touch with our expert personal trainers in Bristol by calling 0117 403 7600, or email Learn more on our Facebook page.

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