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What’s achievable in just 14 days?

What’s achievable in just 14 days?

Whether you’ve taken a hiatus from exercise or you’ve never even started, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your body will adapt and start thanking you when you begin exercising and improve your nutrition habits and lifestyle.

What can happen within 3 days

Within the first few days of eating better and starting an exercise routine, your blood flow will improve, causing you to feel more awake, energetic and alert. You might feel a bit sore from the introduction of exercise, but your body will very quickly start repairing itself and get stronger.

When you start to drink more water and eat foods which truly nourish your body, you will feel less bloated as you lose some water retention, making your tummy feel flatter and your face less puffy.

What can happen within 7 days

I love the first 7 days of introducing someone to a new lifestyle – and they love it too – as there’s so many great things going on by the end of week 1. You’ll notice a big boost in your energy levels, which means you’re more focused and productive at work, your mood improves, and you’re better equipped to look after yourself and your family.

The first 7 days is full of discovery:

  • Discovery of some life-long bad habits which you’re now starting to break.

  • Discovery of how it feels to take control of your life and begin living it like you want to.

  • Discovery of the correct way to live healthily without restriction and guilt.

What can happen within 14 days

After just 14 days of exercise you will already notice improvements in your strength, flexibility and recovery time. You’ll also notice that normal daily tasks start to become a little easier. You will be feeling more confident about your body and what it is truly capable of doing.

After just 14 days of eating better you will begin to see a new you emerging! Your waistline coming back and your arms and legs feeling much firmer than before.

And the most important thing of all is that you will have a big mindset change in just 14 days. This is just long enough to lay down some healthy habits which will last a lifetime and set you on the correct path again.

I always say, ‘’It’s motivation that gets you started, but it’s the habits that keep you going.’’

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