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Personal trainer tips: The importance of home workouts

First and foremost, it’s a great way to get that extra session into the week. As much as you would love to train with a personal trainer for every workout, sometimes it just isn’t feasible. This is why home workouts are a great solution, and could it get any easier than being able to do a workout from the comfort of your own home?

Treat it as an appointment

It is far too easy to put a workout off if you don’t have a session booked or a personal trainer to report to. So, put it in your diary as an appointment. You wouldn’t cancel a meeting so why would you consider cancelling your training session?

Stick to the time and day and get that workout done!

Get everything ready

Make sure you have adequate space, have the correct equipment and get rid of those distractions. Home life can get in the way so we want to minimise these as much as possible. It may be easier said than done, but try and get time where you have no distractions from kids, pets, spouse, emails, computer etc. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re halfway through your workout and have to stop. You wouldn’t have these distractions at the gym so why let them affect you at home?

Get into a clear space so you have enough room to move, have all of your equipment primed and you are ready to complete your workout!

Another great element is you can choose your own music. Everyone is motivated differently and this way you can tailor it perfectly to your needs.

Make sure you have the correct equipment

Ensure you have the correct weights to challenge yourself, if you’re doing a workout you may as well do it properly and get the best results possible. If some of the workout entails being on the floor, have a mat at the ready so you don’t have to lay on a wooden floor or have all your hard worked sweat absorbed by that lovely new carpet.

Warm-up & cool down

Warm-up and cool downs are part of your personal training sessions and they should be included in your home workout as well. They are imperative for preparing your body and for achieving the results you want by gaining the most from the session.

Remember to schedule in your session, prepare your space, have the correct equipment, minimise distractions, stay hydrated and stay safe.

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