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Why wait until New Year for fat loss?

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas season is upon us! Whether we’re willing to accept that November is now ‘’Christmas season’’ or not, we all know it’s true. And because Christmas seems to start earlier every year, so can the parties and the over indulgence that comes with it. Even as a personal trainer, I know I’ve had years of feeling over indulged and sluggish before the 12 days of Christmas have even started and desperate for January to come along so I can start feeling healthy and energetic again.

The point is, it’s very easy to get lured in to the Christmas mindset already and start putting off any intentions of health and fitness goals until January. The average person puts on half a stone over Christmas – so that’s a lot of ‘undoing’ to be done in our usual New Year health kick.

But let’s flip it on its head for a moment.

What if, for the first time ever, you actually MADE PROGRESS BEFORE CHRISTMAS? Imagine cruising in to Christmas week knowing that you’d already got a head start on your 2018 goals, making January much less of a struggle. Imagine feeling fabulous slipping in to your party dresses, instead of trying to hide under a baggy cardigan, with those friends and family you haven’t seen all year in awe of your new figure! And sitting down on Christmas day to really enjoy all those tasty foods as a proper guilt free treat, and not just another addition to the previous month of calorific meals.

Now we’re not saying it’s easy, but this is totally possible with the right mindset and right support system. The gyms are so quiet this time of year that you won’t be battling for space, and with a good buddy by your side to support you, doing it together makes this a whole lot easier.

If you’re ready to make progress before Christmas, and tick off the fat loss goals you didn’t quite get around to in 2017, we can help you with our latest personal training programme.

We’re running our last 21 Day Challenge of the year: ‘’Festive & Fabulous’’ - 13th Nov to 3rd Dec. Sign ups end this Thursday so if you’d like to jump in then give us a call on 0117 403 7600 or email

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