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Client Of The Year 2017

Each year we like to award one of our client's with the title ''Client Of The Year''. Someone who has really shone and pulled out all the stops to achieve their goals. Nicky Coetsee has done just that!

When we first met Nicky, she told us how she was feeling at a loss with her body and her fitness. She was totally terrified about starting personal training but threw herself in 100% from the word go. A complete diet, exercise and lifestyle overhaul. This women meant business!!!

We had her doing 4 resistance and high intensity workouts each week, combined with a high protein diet, and lots of walking. She has juggled all of this around a very demanding career, which is no small feat.

18 months later and Nicky is a very different person to the one we met. She has lost 3 dresses, gained an incredible amount of strength and approaches every workout with confidence and excitement! She has a whole new wardrobe full of clothes to enjoy, but Nicky's main indulgence is now seeing how much weight she can lift. Something which she never thought she would enjoy - but this is now a way of life for her.

To celebrate Nicky's amazing transformation she has won a fantastic prize - a 2 hour personal styling experience with Bristol styling coach Becky Barnes. Anyone who has met Becky will already be aware of her wonderful talents. So we have no doubt that Nicky will thoroughly enjoy her styling session with Becky and make the most of her new found shape!

Congratulations Nicky - You are a joy to train and the team at Empowered Fitness think you're simply amazing!

Have a great time with the wonderful Becky Barnes (below). We can't wait to hear all about it!

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