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New Year resolutions - from the eyes of a personal trainer

New Year. New You?

We’re about to enter 2018 and it’s no secret that New Year seems to have this psychological effect on us to make a fresh start, begin something new, or take a new direction in our lives. The most popular New Year resolutions are to: ‘get fit’, ‘lose weight’, or ‘be healthier’. This is why the gyms and slimming clubs are always rammed come January.

It’s really easy to get skeptical about everyone’s short-lived enthusiasm for health. Years gone by have shown us that the gyms thin out again by March, and good intentions of healthy eating start to slide after just a few weeks. So, it’s no wonder that no one takes New Year resolutions seriously.

I am 100% behind people wanting to improve their health, and if it takes New Year for that drive to arrive, then so be it. But rather than making big statements or setting huge goals for yourself, I have a different approach.

Why not just start ONE new thing?

It could be really small.

Don’t over commit yourself, become overwhelmed, and then fail.

Set yourself just ONE small positive action to take.

And when you’ve successfully done it, set yourself ONE more positive action.

And when you’ve done that, do it again.

Simply repeat the cycle over and over, until you find yourself creating habits that are achievable and more likely to stick in the long term.

It could look like this:

Week 1: Start some exercise! Walk to work 3 days per week

Week 2: Reduce alcoholic drinks to 1 day per week

Week 3: Go to bed by 10pm on weekdays

Week 4: Do some exercise with a friend once per week

You see how this snowball effect could work for you?

We take a habit changing based approach with our clients and it really works for long-term success!

If you’re ready to kickstart your New Year in the right direction and want the help of our personal training team, we have launched our 21 Day New Year Kickstart programme. You can find more details right here about getting started.

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