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Train the Trainer!

It felt like a long build up, but our 'Train the Trainer' event finally happened on Sunday 25th March and what a day it was! It had everything: motivation, support, crawls, jumps, lifting weights, and burning thighs!

We decided on a cold January day that we’d like to do a fitness event to raise money for charity; various ideas were discussed, but we somehow decided on a 6-hour training session at the studio, with no breaks! The unique part being that our past and current clients would get to train us over the course of the day. We must have been mad!

We thought it was a good way to get our awesome clients involved, not only could they get involved in supporting, but they could take a 30-minute session each and get their own back for all the tough (but of course, fun) sessions they’ve had over the years.

The chosen charity was Penny Brohn, a great charity who give anyone affected by cancer the practical, emotional and social support they need to improve their quality of life, and to manage the fear and uncertainty that a cancer diagnosis may bring.

We set the target of £1000 and slowly the donations started rolling in, as did the interest from our clients to take a session. You could tell they sensed an opportunity to put us through our paces! It was the talking point during a lot of training sessions on the build-up, the clients getting more excited and the trainers getting more nervous day-by-day about what was on the horizon!

The day came, and what a day it was! Our clients came in to deliver the sessions, motivate, donate, and deliver such much-needed energy boosting snacks and refreshments!

From a trainer’s perspective, it was a lot of fun apart from the last hour - those 6 hours really did start to take their toll at that point. And with the 100-burpee team finisher, I think it’s fair to say we took it all the way to the end! Our clients found it fun too, even if some were cautious that dishing too tough a workout may come back to bite them in their next session!

We would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took a workout, supported us on the day, and, of course, to everyone who donated. We smashed our target and ended up raising over £1500!

If you would like to donate our Just Giving page is still live!

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