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Tips for eating out...

Do you find eating out is one of the biggest challenges when you’re trying to eat for fat loss?

Here are a few tips so you can to enjoy a social life but not hamper your progress.

Let your hosts know

If someone is cooking for you, let them know you’d prefer to eat something healthy, offer to bring a dish, or ask for a small portion.

Have it your way

Having a meal out is no time to be a submissive consumer. Ask to have the food prepared the way you’d like it. If an item is fried, ask for it grilled. If it comes with chips, ask for a side of veggies instead. Ask for a smaller portion overall, with a larger portion of veg.

Avoid fat heavy salads

This is a vegetable course, keep it tasty but healthy. Avoid anything in a creamy sauce (coleslaw etc) and skip the bacon bits. Ask for vegetables only or dressing on the side.

Check the menu

Most restaurants post their menus on their website. You can decide before you walk through the door what you’re going to order, this gives you time to make a good choice. Conversely, if you don’t see anything on the menu beforehand that fits your ideal meal plate, pick another restaurant.

Read between the lines

Any menu description that uses the words creamy, breaded, crisp, sautéed, or stuffed is likely loaded with hidden fat - much of it saturated or trans fats.

Dessert or alcohol

Both contain high levels of sugar. If you absolutely must, choose one or the other, but not both.

Embrace being sober

Being sober at a party is ok, and there’s no hangover the day after! Grab a soda water, ice and fresh lime; most people are happy that you have a drink in your hand, alcoholic or not. Offering to drive also helps to resist.

Avoid fancy drinks

If you must order an alcoholic drink, forget the piña coladas and exotic mixed drinks. They include sugary additions that will go straight to your belly. Go for dry wine, or a white spirit with a low-calorie mixer: like gin and slim line tonic.

For some extra guidance we’ve put together a ‘cheat sheet’ to help you when you eat out; just click here to get your copy!

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