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Your best self

If you close your eyes, breathe deeply and start to visualise your best self, who is he or she?

How does he or she look?

What’s the expression on his or her face?

How does he or she feel inside?

What is he or she proud of?

Spend 5 minutes here, visualising the very best version of you possible.

Maybe you’re more fit and healthy, maybe you have a job you love, maybe you have the happiest relationship you can possibly image.

Now, where are you today? What’s missing from where you are now to that best version of you? How would you feel if you turned into that person you saw in your mind’s eye?

What’s one thing you can do to bring it to fruition?

We actively create our reality. Visualisation is a massively powerful tool to get ourselves to where we want to be when we align it with action.

If increased health was part of your visualisation, and you’re not currently with us, why not get in touch so we can help you take action that will bring you closer to your best self!

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