Stress and weight gain

Have you ever eaten well, exercised consistently, and consumed plenty of water only to see no changes in your body?

Have you wondered why, despite your best efforts, you find your trousers getting tighter and you’re getting more and more tired.

Look back on those times. Maybe you’re experiencing it now.

What has been your stress level during those times?

You see, your body knows prolonged stress as your ancestors used to experience it. It meant prolonged periods without food.

Your body is programed to see long-term stress as a threat to your survival, so it tells your body to do 2 things: store energy and increase hunger.

This is why we gain weight in stressful times, even despite solid food and exercise efforts.

So, what can we do about it?

Here are a few options you could look into to manage your stress:

  • Journaling

  • Meditation

  • Breath work or yoga

  • Having a coach or counsellor

  • Exercise more

Managing stress is very challenging in the world today, but it is essential for our long-term health and loving the body you have now. Research shows stress as the underlying cause of many diseases, so not getting your stress in check simply isn’t an option.

We’d love to help you relieve your stress here at Empowered Fitness. Comment below and let us know if we can help.

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