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Don’t get distracted

It’s estimated that humans today are exposed to over 8,000 marketing messages every single day.


And with the prevalence of social media, everyone’s opinion is more apparent than ever before.

And to add to that, all of your friends suddenly seem to be health experts; they’re promoting a ‘life changing’ product of some type that will solve all of your health/fitness/nutrition/body woes.

But all of these messages start contradicting each other and you wonder who is selling the right product, which magazine provides the most solid advice, and if you need to be doing cardio or weight training to reach your goals.

I get the confusion. If I wasn’t a fitness professional I have no doubt I would succumb to it too.

Here at Empowered Fitness we pride ourselves on the fact that we are truly PROFESSIONALS. It’s what we do and what we love!

So, let us help you.

Please, please, please tune out the noise. Don’t fall into the traps of good stories and marketing. Stick with what those who are experienced in the field know to be tried and true.

There is no shake, magic pill, or any powder that can create health and transformation. That only comes from consistent focused efforts over time.

So, the next time you find yourself curious about a program, product, or otherwise, remember this message. There’s no magic fix, only dedication and sacrifice.

We’re here to support you when you’re ready. Drop us a line!

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