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The importance of the TRIBE

As long as humans have been in existence, being part of a tribe has been crucial.

Originally, it was important for survival, as groups can protect one another and navigate challenges with much more ease than a single person.

In fact, many species of animals run in tribes.

But because we no longer fear attacks by wild animals, natural disasters, and starvation, tribes have come to play a different role in our lives.

However, they still serve similar purposes like protection and support. Or at least they should.

You see, too often in today’s world, people have, what I’ll call, ‘tribes by default’. They don’t really choose who is in their tribe – it’s more whoever happens to be around them a lot in daily life.

So, I want to share with you the importance of CREATING your tribe. Now I’m not saying that you should kick friends and family to the curb at all, but you should consciously choose a high-level tribe.

A high-level tribe is a small circle of people that strive for more. They’re positive, supportive, and they don’t gossip. They lift each other up and help you find solutions to your challenges.

When a high-level tribe is absent from your life, it affects you on many levels including ways you may not even realise. To operate at your highest vibration and achieve the most in life, you MUST have a high-level tribe.

And that’s exactly what we’ve created here at Empowered Fitness. So, if you or someone you know is struggling on any level personally, we invite you or them into our high-level tribe. We don’t judge, gossip, or criticize. We empower, love, and energize each other.

If this is something you know you need in your life, let us know your thoughts. We’re here to support however we can, even if it’s just lending an ear!

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