Challenge your truth...

Have you ever wondered where your beliefs come from and why you believe certain things about life and the world to be true?

If not, that’s ok, but I want you to keep an open mind for me as you read this...

You see, many of the belief systems we have aren’t our own. They are imposed on us by parents, society, cultures, etc.

For example, what defines a successful life for most people is the traditional story – go to school, get a great job, have a beautiful family, work hard until you can retire, then kick back and enjoy life.

Today, more than ever, that belief is being challenged. People are beginning to crave a different narrative. But that’s been the predominant one for over a century.

Another example closer related to what I do is the common belief that people just don’t have time for exercise or preparing healthy meals.

But what’s true is that other people with just as busy of a schedule do find the time.

So, if the belief system around time was true, no two people with the same type of schedule should be able to find the time to take care of themselves...

Of course, the time belief system we are using here as an example is faulty and false. 
I hope this is making sense.

Today I want to challenge you...

Write down five beliefs that you have that hold you back from achieving the life you desire. Even if right now you believe the excuse or thought is 100% legit.

Then, ask yourself, “What else is possible? Is this really true?".

When your beliefs are deeply rooted by habit and by the people who surround you, it can be very hard to break free from them. But with effort, it’s possible.

I promise you that any thought you’re holding on to that keeps you from creating the life and the body you desire is a false truth no matter how real it feels right now.

Challenging your beliefs and the meaning you give them is one of the first steps to taking new action to create change in your life.

So, what five beliefs did you come up with and how can you begin to shift them to create new, empowering belief systems?

Let me know!


P.S. If you need more help breaking free from old limiting beliefs, let’s have a conversation. Either click here and I’ll be back in touch or give us a call on 0117 403 7600.

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