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Personal trainer tips: How being strong makes your life better

Remember back in the day when doing cardio was all the rage?

As you may be aware, the strength movement has exploded over the past decade.

I always tell my clients that cardio is good for your heart but not really for changing your body.

Basically, cardio alone will make you a smaller version of the shape you already are. And if changing the shape of your body and shedding fat is something you desire, then weight training is where it ́s at!

But there are even more incredible benefits to being strong...

1. It improves your hormonal balance. If you’re struggling with fat loss, energy, cravings, and more, this is so important!

2. It boosts your confidence. Trust me on this one! How you look transforms but so does how you FEEL!

3. It protects your bones. Strength training actually increases bone density, decreasing your risk for many age-related diseases.

4. It decreases your risk of injury. When you’re strong, you can more easily complete daily tasks like bending and lifting.

5. Your posture will improve. Enough said! You’ll have less pain and good posture just looks better!

6. You can rely on yourself. Whether you need to store a suitcase overhead on a plane or carry in 8 grocery bags at once, having physical independence and not asking anyone for help is an incredible gift to give yourself.

The key to getting all of the amazing benefits related to strength training, however, is doing it properly and progressively.

And that just happens to be our specialty here at Empowered Fitness. So, if you’re ready to transform from the outside in, let’s chat. Either let us know here or call on 0117 403 7600.

To your most perfect health,


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