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Personal trainer tips: Please do not do this...

This is a really important thing that I want to address today.

It’s around the commitments we make to ourselves and how we’re often the first to let ourselves down.

And that’s a very dangerous thing.

Here’s why...

When you make a commitment like exercising, eating better, going to bed earlier, reading more, or whatever the case may be and you don’t follow through, you’re re-wiring your brain in a pretty bad way.

See, when you declare a commitment but fail to uphold it, your brain becomes less trusting of you and you become emotionally numb to the concept of giving up.

Essentially, every time you release a commitment or give up on a goal, you decrease your chances of achieving goals in the future.

You teach yourself that your word doesn’t mean a whole lot.

And the worst part is that we are so much more likely to give up on ourselves or abandon our word to ourselves than we are to someone else.

Is this resonating?

The way to remedy this is by upholding the commitments and goals you set for yourself. Train your brain and your emotions to trust you. It’s never too late to make the switch.


P.S. If you’re ready to own a commitment or goal you’ve declared for yourself, we can absolutely help. Book a 1 hour free Discovery Session with me, so we can explore your challenges, what’s working and what’s not, and start moving forward. Click here and let me know!

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