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Two truths and a lie

Let’s have a little fun today.

I know I’m constantly showing up talking about health, fitness, nutrition, transformation, and some pretty deep things, so I thought – why not lighten it up!?

Here’s how this works.

Below I’m sharing three facts about me, two are true and one is a lie.

I want you to email me and let me know which one you think isn’t true. You might be surprised!

In your reply, I also want you to include your 2 truths and a lie so I can have the guessing fun too!

Are you ready?

Here are mine:

  1. I once won a Nutella eating competition. 2.5 jars in 3 minutes

  2. My guilty pleasure is the Spice Girls and I’ve seen them in concert 5 times.

  3. I am banned from ASDA for shop lifting when I was 19.

I can’t wait to hear your guess and play your game too!


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