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Why are our goals never realised?

We all have hopes, dreams, and goals that light a fire in us with moments of inspiration.

I’ve felt it so many times across areas of my life, and I know you have too.

I hear this A LOT when it comes to fitness goals and people whose desire is to get in amazing shape.

It’s like they set the intention, feel the fire, but it very quickly fizzles.

And I think I know why…

It’s because the action isn’t immediate.

Let’s look at an example.

Susan has thought about dropping 20 pounds for years. Saturday, she goes to an event that’s incredibly inspiring and she’s charged up and ready to attack her goals.

She knows she’s FINALLY got the desire and the commitment to make it happen. She’s got a plan and is going for it!

She wakes up Sunday morning with a laundry list of to-dos to get herself and her family ready for the week ahead.

She’ll go to the gym tomorrow – Monday.

She doesn’t sleep well Sunday night though, and the alarm goes off Monday morning, and she just can’t do it. But tomorrow for sure.

You know the rest of the story.

And all it takes is a few days of missed action for our commitment to our goals to die again.

I’m sharing this message with you today so that next time you feel that fire in your belly to ACHIEVE, that you don’t wait even a moment to take action.

The choice we make in a particular moment like this can determine the outcomes we live with for years to come or even the rest of our lives.

So, if you’re feeling that fire and drive right now around your health and fitness, DO NOT DELAY. Call us on 0117 403 7600 and let us know you’re ready to go. We will get you booked in for a consultation ASAP, hold your hand through the process, and give you everything you need to achieve.

Are you ready?


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