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It’s YOUR life

One of the biggest reasons I see people fall off the health and fitness wagon is also the saddest.

It’s lack of support. Be it a spouse, family members, or friends, one of the fastest ways people are pulled off track from reaching their goals is when they aren’t fully supported by those they love.

This happens for different reasons…

The person could fear what it means for your relationship if YOU change.

They could think you won’t be fun anymore.

They don’t understand.

Worst case, they want to keep/assert control.

It can start with comments about why you’re not eating something at a social gathering to giving you a hard time over your dedication to the gym.

Whatever the case is, this is one of the easiest ways to quit on yourself.

But here’s the thing.

You get ONE LIFE.

YOU are your top priority always.

Why not live it your healthiest, most confident, most vibrant, and most impactful?

You can even be the catalyst for change in your circle.

But please…never, EVER let anyone talk you out of your journey and dedication to health.

Have you ever experienced this or know someone who has?

Either way, we’re here to support the best version of YOU. Click here and let us know if you want our help.

Amy and the Empowered Fitness team

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