Why some people lose weight faster than others

This topic can be quite frustrating for those who struggle more with weight loss, so I want to shed some light on this today.

A lot of factors play into our weight – the genetics of our body type, our gender (yes, men tend to lose faster than women as a whole), and many other things, but I want to focus on the two most important ones today. The ones we have complete control over.

1. Your metabolism. Yes, some people are just metabolically gifted. Others can’t seem to gain weight no matter how hard they try. Others seem to have to kill themselves to see the scale budge. Both age and gender play into your metabolic rate, but so does your activity level and the amount of muscle you carry. So, do your best with your genetics and seriously, focus on adding as much muscle as possible and leveraging daily activity (like walking) frequently.

2. Your stress response. As we grow up, our stress response is cemented, and it has a lot to do with food.

Of course, things like your hormone (cortisol) levels can factor into weight loss (or lack thereof), but stress response also impacts our eating habits. And considering people are more stressed than they’ve ever been, this is playing a huge factor in the global weight crisis. People tend to overeat (comfort eaters) or under eat in response to stress, and this can have a tremendous impact on our weight. Do you know your tendency?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this!

Click here and let me know how this sits with you.

And if you want my help with this, let me know that too – I’m here for ya!

Amy xx

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