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The Motivator & The Trigger

Anytime someone comes to work with us for fat loss, there are two things I am listening for.

The motivator and the trigger.

The motivator is their deep WHY. It’s the thing that is driving them to make changes to their health.

Often, it’s something like a new grandchild, fear of getting a lifestyle-related disease, or simply wanting to be more confident and happy in their skin.

There’s no right or wrong why, but the why absolutely be powerful enough to keep you going in the moments you don’t want to eat well or get up and exercises.

The trigger is different. The trigger often leads to the motivator.

Triggers tend to be specific events that spur action…

A scary report from your doctor.

Observing the early death of a family member.

Having the realisation in a dressing room that you’re no longer the size you thought you were and the shame of having to ask for a bigger size from the rack.

Whatever the trigger event is, it leads to motivation.

Temporarily, motivation will lead to action.

So, if we have a trigger event that leads to motivation, why not just assume all is well and you’ll be motivated enough to achieve your goals?

Because the truth is that motivation, no matter how serious the trigger event, never lasts.

What I want you to take from this is that ACTION is the only way forward. Action yields results and increased motivation is a byproduct.

Not feeling motivated to exercise? Do it anyway. The motivation will follow as you get results.

I’m curious, what are your experiences with this?

Be sure to email and let me know!


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