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Are you averse?

THERE IS NO REAL REWARD WITHOUT RISK Everything amazing I’ve achieved in my life - business, finance, relationships... It’s all started with a major risk. Saying YES to discomfort at magnitude. Saying YES to investing money. Saying YES to putting pride and my heart on the line. Whenever I’ve been complacent, let my fear of the risk hold me back, or put off advancing on me dreams, my life has stagnated and I’ve found myself in unhappiness. If you’re stuck or experiencing status quo, I can almost guarantee your risk aversion is at the root. It has proven true time and again that calculated risk, moving through fear into action, and making some of the scariest decisions of my life prove to be the most rewarding. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What about you? Would love for you to reply and share your thoughts, experiences, and fears on the subject!


P.S We’ve just launched our most powerful ever 21 Day Transformation Programme. This is tailor made for the needs of women over 45. Find out more here!

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