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The most wonderful time of the year!

Well, that’s what they say about the Christmas time anyway ;)

It’s the season of family, sharing, connecting to what matters…

But it’s also the season of FOOD.

It’s everywhere, all of the time!

Christmas parties, work dos, family dinners.

And often we think to ourselves something along the lines of, “well, if I don’t indulge, this only happens once and year, so I’ll miss out.”

So, I wanted to remind you that it’s simply not true.

You’re living in the abundant western world where any food truly is available to you at any time.

Sometimes this scarcity mindset compels us to overindulge and step into the New Year in a far worse position than we were in just two months ago.

Whether you have health and fitness resolutions for the New Year or not, you can absolutely step into January 1, 2020 not only a healthier version of you if you adopt the abundance mindset and don’t overdo it this season, but you can also strengthen your commitment muscle…

This is the muscle that helps you choose what’s most aligned with your body goals.

So, what will you choose this Christmas?


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