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For the sake of the upcoming decade…

Think back to where you were in January of 2010.

What were you doing with your life?

How did you look and feel?

Chances are that some parts of the 2010 experience for you feel like yesterday, while other parts feel like a distant memory.

You see…the entering of a new decade is a big deal.

It’s not as easy to shrug off as the start of a simply a new year.

Because you can see how much life changes in a decade a lot more clearly.

And for those who’ve neglected their health and fitness long-term, the turn of a decade can truly be life and death.

There comes a point in time when being out of shape and unhealthy is less about vanity and discomfort and more about imminent disease and potentially death…or even being unable to do the things you’d dreamed of doing.

Even if you’re not there yet, living in a body that is exhausted and that you’re not proud of is a painful daily experience.

But that choice always belongs to us.

You could look back on the 2020 you in 2030 and long for your youth and health… or you could spend the next decade becoming the strongest, fittest, and healthiest you’ve ever been – no matter where you are as you’re reading these words.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed to us, but we can control our own choices, behaviours, and outcomes.

Aside from outside incidents, we can control our physique, our health, and even our happiness.

What are you going to choose in 2020?


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