The perfect valentine

Whether you think of candlelight dinner and chocolates or you think of Valentine’s Day with disdain, there’s no doubt that it’s all about LOVE.

But do you celebrate the perfect Valentine?

The one who you should be loving each and every day?

You might have guessed but that every day Valentine is YOU.

It’s so easy to love other people – family, children, friends…

But that self-love that is oh-so-popular to talk about on blogs and on Instagram is such a foreign concept to way too many people.

We put ourselves last & on the backburner.

We say the unkindest words to ourselves in our heads – words we’d never speak to another human.

We sacrifice day after day because it’s “selfish” if we don’t.

On this Valentine’s Day, I want you to do something different.

I want you to celebrate YOU.

Whether it’s buying yourself a rose, putting on your favourite outfit and jewellery even though you have nowhere to go, taking quiet time to read that you usually give up for family, or maybe it’s even standing in front of the mirror and speaking aloud kind, loving words to yourself about yourself.

Because the thing is, when we love ourselves more, we’re happier and everyone around us benefits from that happiness.

We are better spouses and parents, we perform better at work, we sleep better…

Literally everything changes when you create more happiness via self-love and appreciation.

And if you're not already working with us at Empowered Fitness I would be SO HAPPY if you joined us on your self love journey. Click the link below and if it still works then we have spaces on our 6 week programme.

Happy Valentines :-)


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