On dreaming bigger

Remember when you were a kid and you were going to be crazy successful with three full time careers that sparked nothing but joy for you?

What happened to her?

Where did she go?

Obviously, three full time careers is unrealistic, but that level of dreaming is magical.

Whether you were the career kid or a future perfect parent, the dreaming sadly stops as we get older.

Everything seems determined for you.

“This is just how life is” seems to be a general consensus.

But what if it didn’t have to be?

What if you could have the dreams and imagination of your childhood and even bring them into reality?

Because the truth is you can.

Ok maybe it’s too late to become an astronaut but what CAN you do to create that sense of joy, freedom, and creativity?

How can you do more of what lights you up and less of what you’re “obligated” to do?

When you act from DESIRE rather than OBLIGATION, it’s pretty magical what’s possible and the level of fulfillment it brings.

I would be honoured if you would reply right now and share your dreams with me.

Even if they’re a secret and you’ve never shared them before, I promise to keep it between us, ok? ☺

My big dream is to help over 500 million people with their health and fitness in my lifetime.

I can’t wait to hear yours.


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