Personal trainer tips: How to avoid overeating during Coronavirus

The chances are that the stress of coronavirus or self isolation is going to be triggering for many binge or emotional eaters. Sugar cravings and “oh f**k it!” moments will happen more than you'd like them to.

- You feel a need for comfort in some way.

- This is how you've always coped with stress and right now you just really need it.

- You're boredom eating because you're stuck at home and the kitchen is right there.

- Everything is driving you crazy and this is your coping mechanism!

I have 2 simple tips to help you cope:

1. Think about your inner voice. Move away from self talk which focusses on what you ''can't have'' or feelings that you ''don't want''. “I don’t want to feel stressed, I don’t want to think about food, etc”. Unfortunately you get more of what you focus on. The more you tell yourself “don’t think about food!” the more you think about it!⁣

Instead, focus on ways to help you feel energised and productive. How you can become more present with your family. What things you can feel grateful for in your life. Where your focus goes, your energy will flow!

2. Understand what you really need. Are you binging to feel less stressed, or more relaxed? Or is it just a distraction from the crap going on around you? Once you've got that, think what else would give you the same feeling, which is more aligned with the person you want to be. Maybe it's talking to a friend on the phone, going for a walk, or doing a short at home workout.

If you don’t want to struggle on your own anymore, you need expert support to overcome emotional eating during this time.

Now could be the perfect time to do that! If you're feeling out of control, let me know about it by replying to my message today.

At Empowered Fitness, we offer a complete 12 week online health and fitness programme which can get you moving forward :-)


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