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Personal trainer tips: Take the option off the table

People often ask me: “How can I become more consistent with exercise and eating right?”

And I think a lot of times my answer surprises people.

Wanna know what it is? 😀


That’s my answer.

And it’s insanely simple.

Because truthfully, if you want to start exercising more and eating well, all it comes down to is making the

decision to do so then following through with action.

When we get pulled away from it, it’s because we allow ourselves to be...

We give into temptation and cravings.

We allow others to influence our decisions.

We justify skipping workouts and making the wrong dinner choice.

This is commonplace. I’ve personally gone through a combination of all of the above. I’m sure you have too.

But the next time it strikes you that maybe you’re not where you want to be, own that every part of it comes down to making the decision to do things differently.

Getting support and accountability in the process is one of the most powerful game changers. And that’s exactly what I do with my clients.

If you’re ready to make a different decision and you know having serious accountability would help you stick with it, click here and let me know. We’ll set up a no pressure time to chat about what that would look like.

Here’s to making powerful decisions and holding strong to them!

The Empowered Fitness Team

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