It only happens in the movies.

Until it happened in real life.

A virus spreading. The whole world shut down.

A global pandemic.

If you told the version of you just a few months ago what the world would look like today, you’d think you were a conspiracy theorist.

But it’s here. This new reality.

And I don’t think we’ll ever experience our former definition of “normal” again.

Sure, things will reopen and people will go back to work.

But we, humans, are forever changed.

We are now acutely aware of our vulnerabilities.

That the impossible is possible.

And that changes everything.

Until a few weeks ago, we lived happily under the illusion that we were in control of our own lives and of the world.

Funny how mother nature has shown up to correct us, huh?

In the midst of all of this, I am seeing so many positive things happen.

People coming together like never before.

People innovating and rising to the occasion in massive ways.

Those who continue to struggle are the ones who desperately crave “normal.“ The ones who haven’t yet accepted that it was never in our control.

Though death, sickness, and tragedy are terrible things, there is a flipside to all of this.

I truly believe we have the opportunity to create a better reality for ourselves and for the world.

Whether you choose to resist and fight the circumstances or embrace them and allow them to drive you in a powerful way will dictate your entire experience – how you think, feel, act, and ultimately, the outcome you experience weeks and months down the road.

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