''In 12 weeks, we’ll show you how to drop a clothing size, take back control of your health, and fall in love with exercise so you never have to start over again''


Nicky, Bishopsworth


I had been trying to get fitter and lose weight on and off for around 2 years without success. I'd tried the couch to 5km running programme and just couldn't progress. After a particularly depressing weekend when I had tried to run for 15 min and failed and to top it off I found I'd gained weight, I sent an e-mail to Amy. Part of me was hoping she wouldn't reply! Amy called first thing on Monday morning and was so positive and encouraging that I arranged to meet her for a consultation. As I am not coordinated in any way and lacking in confidence to wear lycra in front of a group of people I elected to have 1 to 1 sessions. 

I am really thrilled that I did as 3 months on I have lost 7kg and 40cm. Turkish get ups no longer mean a form of fancy dress but are a fun exercise! I'm fitter and stronger than I ever dreamed could be.

Amy and Chris are so supportive and encouraging I have found I actually enjoy training. They are very patient and explain things clearly so you feel able to tackle any exercise. Practical, realistic nutrition advice completes the package.

If you are unsure whether or not to join Empowered Fitness, I'd say be brave and take the first step. With Amy and Chris guiding you every step of the way you will be astounded what you can achieve.

Chris, Central Bristol


Before starting here I thought I was always too busy to focus on diet and exercise. I tried a bit of running, but it was very sporadic. I found I was drinking way too much wine and eating too much chocolate! 

Having totally changed my diet, I lost 1 stone in my first 3 months. I feel much healthier and energetic. And I don't even miss the chocolate! 

I would definitely recommend Empowered Fitness. With a tailored workout plan and full nutrition programme, it's not just a gym, it's a lifestyle. 


Carol, Ashton


I realised at 57 I really needed to get out of a bad health and fitness place or was setting myself for a short and less than optimal older age. I couldn't control weight post menopause and had always struggled with activity due to poor balance, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. 

 Since joining Empowered Fitness I've lost 2 stone and learnt to lift weights!  But just as importantly I'm so much more confident in my own abilities. I'm now learning to believe in myself and to take the challenge even if I can't do it to begin with. I can't believe how much my balance and general fitness has improved. 

I love that I have a carefully reviewed plan that will help my metabolism and my specific issues. I appreciate the encouragement with just the right level of gentle challenge, and the ability to not see things in terms of success or failure (although the sense of achievement is incredible) Plus the team are all so nice it's great fun and I laugh. A lot! 


I would say to anyone who is on the fence to give it a go! You have nothing to lose (apart from weight and fear) and so much to gain. If you are, like me, a woman in her late 50s who has a really difficult history with this stuff ( I was the child that couldn't climb ropes or do a somersault) you really really can do this and it will help. I promise! 


Hilary, Ashton


I had got myself in to a lazy routine of eating too much, at the wrong times and eating a lot of bad food, without doing any exercise at all. Since starting with Empowered Fitness I have seen amazing results in my body. Losing over a stone, losing inches and body fat. I'm much more toned and supple. I'm so much stronger and fitter than i've been in a long time. 


I would definitely recommend Empowered Fitness for many reasons. Learning about nutrition, working in small groups is not intimidating, it's fun and everyone is just like you. The trainers are really supportive and positive.


It's been a really good lifestyle wake up and I've got in to habits which will last a life time.

Emma, Southville

I had been thinking about joining a gym for a while as my weight had been creeping up and I could feel the strength I enjoyed as a younger woman slipping away as I got older(I’m 47 now),  but I kept making up excuses!


I have been a member of several gyms and diet clubs over the years, and they always work at first but are never sustainable. At Empowered Fitness I am achieving beyond my wildest dreams! CM’s are melting off my body in all the right places, and I am feeling strong and motivated. My muscle tone is really showing through and I have more energy and less cravings then ever before. I am a leaner, healthier person than I was 3 months ago!


It feels so sustainable. I feel so supported. Actually - I feel AMAZING! Thank you!

Dan, Central Bristol

I was stuck in a rut, eating unhealthy food and putting on more and more weight.


I've now lost 2 stone and am feeling so much stronger. Training at Empowered Fitness has made me feel so much better about myself and it's more comfortable training here than at a normal gym. 


It is given me much more get up and go in life and has taught me what foods are healthy and unhealthy.  

Caroline, Knowle

I could feel the flesh pouring out of the armholes at the back of a dress I wanted to wear to a wedding. I had been feeling dispirited by gradual weight gain even though I was doing lots of swimming, yoga and walking, and this was the last straw! 

In three and a half months, I have lost 5kg and 8cm from around my waist. I’ve lost 5% body fat and reduced my visceral fat. Three months after I started training with Amy and Chris, I felt a million dollars in the wedding outfit! 

Being accountable to someone who is my prop and my whip is the best motivation. Take your courage in both hands and do it! I was petrified and don’t know how I managed to cross the threshold, but I'm so glad I did. 


I used to wonder why Amy chose to use the word ‘empowered’, but now that I have taken control of my body, I feel stronger mentally as well as physically.




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