Bristol personal trainer, Amy Oldfield, is the founder of Empowered Fitness. Empowered Fitness is a personal training service in south Bristol offering you guaranteed results in a fun and empowering way. The expert team of personal trainers here are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and to experience the life enhancing benefits that health and fitness will bring you.


​Amy Oldfield - Owner & Personal Trainer 


Amy specialises in weight management and nutrition, having struggled with her own weight over the years. Her mission is to help you achieve your goals by teaching you how to create healthy habits for life, so that you not only look and feel great initially, but you can feel that way forever. 


''I empower others to reach their potential and live their happiest life.'' 

On a typical day, you'll likely find Amy lifting weights, doing yoga, enjoying long walks with her husband or foraging around in health food shops for the next superfood!



REPS certified Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 4 Activity and Weight Management for Obesity and Diabetes

Nutrition for Weight Management

Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant Level 1, 2 and 3

Metabolic Effect Group Personal Trainer

Exercise Programming for Pre and Postnatal

Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise instructor 

Master Kettlebell Instructor

Total Group Training Instructor

Studio cycling Instructor

First Aid

Sim Jemmett - Personal Trainer 


Sim loves helping people to get fit and active and achieve their own fitness goals. His first career in the Royal Marines, and more recently working for a church, has given him a wide range of experience that enables him to connect with and support all sorts of people. 


He has personal experience of recovery from life changing injuries, which has given him an insight into the power of exercise to restore confidence and self-belief.


 “I love seeing people surprise themselves by achieving things they never thought they could – I believe all of us, with consistency and perseverance, can achieve whatever we set our sights on.” 


Sim enjoys running, climbing and lifting weights. He’s also kept busy by his three young kids.   



Level 3 personal trainer

Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant Level 1, 2 and 3

Laura Jennings - Personal Trainer 


Laura has a true passion for helping others and has a deep understanding of the benefits, emotionally and physically that exercise and nutrition can bring. 

As a holistic therapist, Laura takes an integrated approach when working with clients. Utilising her own journey she can offer first-hand experience to help you understand your bodies true capability, grow in confidence and create real, long lasting change. 

“For me, exercise is about so much more than looks. It’s given me a foundation to overcome my life’s challenges. Such as anxiety, body image, going from a size 8 to a 16 and getting to know my body again after an emergency C-Section. It’s my medicine! It’s a privilege to help others connect with fitness and nutrition in this way.” 

She enjoys being with her family, spending time outdoors, weightlifting and deepening her knowledge of holistic health and beauty. 


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Women's Health and Fitness specialisation

Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant Level 1, 2 and 3

Matt Hill  - Personal Trainer 


Matt loves training people and helping them achieve what they never thought possible. Even before becoming a personal trainer he would regularly get family and friends to train in the gym and cook healthy meals to show them the positive effects that health and fitness can have on the mind and body.

Matt has had personal experience of lacking in confidence so used the gym to build his mind and body to become a more confident and outgoing person.


“I believe exercise is one of the most basic human needs, so it's brilliant to see when people can bring that back into their regular lifestyle and feel amazing for it.”


Matt loves lifting weights in the gym and doing any crazy fitness challenge that is thrown his way. He also enjoys going for nature walks with his family to rest his mind and spend time with friends.


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Advanced Fitness Testing

Functional Resistance Training

Group Cycling Instructor

Bootcamp and Circuit instructor

Amber Watson - Office Manager


Amber is our Office Manager. She is interested in emotional well-being and how this plays an important part in our health and fitness as a whole. She also loves cooking and discovering new foods and their health benefits. 
A strongly creative mind, Amber uses new ideas to create the best, most efficient ways of doing things here. She loves to be organised and kept busy.
Outside of work she spends most of her time listening to music and going to gigs, you may even catch her singing along to the music playing in the studio.

Francesca Bunten - Administrator

Fran is our Admin Assistant. She has a strong interest in health and well-being and believes nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. She loves yoga and all kinds of dance.


Fran is the friendly voice at the end of the phone or email, who will be happy to help with any query or issue you may have. She loves to put people at ease, and believes that excellent customer services stems from empathy and understanding. 


Her hobbies include cooking healthy food, drawing, and swimming.

''In 12 weeks, we’ll show you how to drop a clothing size, take back control of your health, and fall in love with exercise so you never have to start over again''

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