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2 days out from competition

Competition day is nearly here, I can't believe it!! After months and months of training I'm finally in the very last stages of prep. All the hard work has been done and now the last week has been about putting the icing on the cake. I feel super nervous but a little excited too. I took some stats this morning and I'm coming it at 52kg, 13% body fat and 83% muscle mass, which I'm very pleased with. Certainly the best body composition I've ever had and very respectable for a bikini competitor.

I've felt on pretty good form this week with my training and sessions have been based around lots of weight training to deplete my muscle glycogen stores, before filling them back up with carbs to get that fullness. Work has been crazy busy so I have only been training once a day, but tend to get plenty of cardio in anyway by dashing around Bristol on my bike each day.

I got some decent posing practice in over the weekend so feeling a bit more confident about my quarter turns and t walk now. There's still plenty of polishing to be done today and tomorrow though. Memorising my t walk routine has been really difficult for me, I don't feel like a natural at all! My respect goes out to dancers who managed to memorise hours of dance routines, I don't know how they do it!! Here's some pics of me from Monday this week:

I've been adjusting my nutrition this week as per my plan, so reduced my carbs Monday - Wednesday to drop final body fat and then started increasing my carbs by 50% again yesterday for carb loading. All week I've been drinking 6 litres of water each day to flush out stored water (lots of toilet trips!!) and then tomorrow I'll begin my water cut, where I will only take sips of water throughout the day, up to 500ml. Very nervous about the water cut as I'm expecting to have a huge headache and generally feel quite sketchy.

Still don't have spectator tickets for me, Oli and Christian to watch the competition but we are going to head there regardless and try to get our way in somehow. Fingers crossed!

And in other competition prep news - the red hair is a gogo! It took 2 trips to the salon and 5.5hrs all together but we got the right colour eventually!! Hoping this will help me stand out on stage. What do you reckon?! Green bikini and red hair - I'm thinking vibes of Ariel the Little Mermaid!

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