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How To Achieve Your 2023 Vision.

We love to do live workshops for our members here to help keep them on track. I want to share with you the rundown of our most recent goal setting workshop to help you achieve your 2023 vision.

When you are setting out to tackle your goals, a good way to approach them is to break them down into stages to help make them seem more realistic and achievable.

We created a visual picture of how we would like our life to be, what we look like in this, how we feel about ourselves and what has changed from last year. So, grab your pen and paper and start doing that now. Don't you dare read another word, the pen and paper is screaming at you right now!

Now that you have your vision, we can start thinking about the ‘why’.

We will often set a vision but not ask ourselves, ‘why do I even want to achieve this?’.

The why is probably the most important part of sticking to something challenging. When times get tough we can always think of the reason why we are actually doing this. Is it to be a good role model to your kids, or to not have your life dictated by health conditions?

Now we have the vision and we have the why. Time to add some achievable goals to help you get closer to that vision. Let me give you an example: let's say part of your vision is to feel strong and capable in my body, so, we can apply a goal such as, I want to achieve 10 good form push ups, or, I want to be able to lift my kids, or, I want to be able to pick up half my body weight.

Those are two measurable goals that when you've achieved will make you feel closer to your vision of being strong and capable.

So now we have vision, the why, and some goals. We need to work towards those goals by adding or changing some lifestyle habits. If we are using our pushup goal, we can put a habit in place of doing 10 pushups from the knees as soon as we get out of bed each day. Now, if that sounds like something you couldn't keep up for a lifetime, then that's not the habit for you. You want to pick something that's going to be a challenge but you can confidently say, “I could do this forever”. If you stop doing the habit, well, things will just start going backwards.

I'm going to show you below an example of how all the above will look, so let’s get pen to paper!

Vision - To be strong and capable and have a healthy amount of body fat.

Why - I want to wake up feeling good about myself, be a great role model, and not have my quality of life being dictated by any health conditions.

Goals - To improve my weight on deadlift and squats to half my body weight. To reduce waist measurements by 10cm. To practice meditation to improve my mindset. To take my family out to do more outdoor activities.

Habits - A source of protein with each meal and three workouts a week

Let's go through how the first two habits are applicable to the goals and vision. To help get towards the goal of being able to deadlift and squat half our bodyweight we need to build strength. A great way to build strength is to be more active so the three workouts is a good idea. We also need to make sure our body recovers properly to get stronger. Having enough protein will be a major contributing factor to recover so we need a source of protein with each meal.

Two, nice, simple habits that will get you closer to your goal.

Once those habits feel manageable and are flowing nicely, adding something new - this could be 10 mins of meditation before bed to help improve mindset - will link into the wanting to wake up feeling good! Keep working on that, then we repeat, adding a new habit each time. Before you know, it you have a completely different lifestyle which is key to maintaining success.

When it comes to self improvement, it can be a challenge with our fast paced lifestyles. Having a plan or an idea of what path to take is going to help you massively.

If you need help with this, we take our clients through goal setting and lifestyle training regularly, so book a call now to find out more!


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