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Did you know that research shows that literally just taking care of your health for a few DAYS drastically improves your immune response?

That’s right – healthy food, getting exercise, sleeping enough, and managing your stress for even a few days shows positive impact on your overall health and ability to fight disease.

Given that we’re living in a time where people are more acutely aware of their health and immune systems than ever before, I want you to know that it doesn’t take years or even months to turn things around.

Although no one likes living in times of a global pandemic, my hope is that people begin taking their health more seriously than ever before.

From the food they choose for each meal to the amount they’re moving their bodies each day.

It’s so easy to let life pull you in every direction with its chaos and busyness.

The gift given to us in all of this is the opportunity to slow down. To prioritize what’s important.

And my hope for you and your loved ones is that, like me, you value your health more than ever before.

That we all step up to take care of ourselves in ways that will not only strengthen our immune systems for immediate times but so that we can extend our lives and increase the quality of them for many years to come.

You with me?

The Empowered fitness team

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