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How to enjoy being healthy

Most people find it fairly easy to be healthy in January, feeling we need a bit of a detox after Christmas, but it’s when February hits that things may start to slide again. So here’s some tips on how to enjoy staying healthy, because if you’re enjoying something, you’re far more likely to keep going.

Tip #1 Have a healthy mindset

It isn’t difficult to enjoy being healthy, as you generally feel better when you’re being healthy, but people have forgotten what being healthy actually means. Healthy doesn’t mean going on a diet or living off lettuce leaves and juices. What healthy actually involves is an abundance of delicious foods flavoured with herbs, spices and a good blend of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish.

Tip #2 Use movement to energise

Healthy movement and exercise will make you feel energised, happy and confident. It’s about introducing the right balance and finding something that you really enjoy doing; that is how you create a strong, lean body. A good example of this would be combining a yoga class, a resistance programme and long walk at the weekend with a loved one. Combine exercise with the things you really enjoy doing to get that positive mental association.

Tip #3 Don’t try to do everything at once

Be patient with yourself. Set new goals for each month and pat yourself on the back with each one you achieve. We're not robots, we are humans and we can only change so much at once. One thing at a time! Being healthy doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Tip #4 Surround yourself with positive influence

We all need support especially when we are trying to make changes. So seek out friends with the same goals, try new classes where you can build a strong community with likeminded folks. The more the merrier! Hang out with people who prioritise their health and who understand what you are trying to achieve. This is why our semi private training programmes are so popular.

Tip #5 View it as ‘me time’

Exercise is a great opportunity to focus entirely on yourself and have a little ‘me time’ to capture your thoughts and take a break from the hustle and bustle of your day. This is your time to do something good for yourself and let off steam.

Tip #6 Focus on positives

When we try to stick to an exercise routine, we often think negatively about starting our workout when it is far better to focus on the many positive feelings you will experience when you have finished. The mental benefits are immediate such as a sense of achievement, less tension, increased energy, happiness and confidence. Let’s face it - whoever regretted a workout?

Tip #7 Find healthy alternatives

Who wants to live without chocolate and pizza? Swap your afternoon tea treat for a couple squares of 85% dark chocolate raw or a homemade sweet potato brownie. And when it comes to pizza, cauliflower makes a great base for a thin crispy bite.

Tip #8 Mix it up

Exercise doesn’t always have to be at the gym. Mix up your workouts by training at home, in the park or at an exercise class somewhere. Variety keeps things interesting and more enjoyable.

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