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We've found our new place!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Empowered Fitness and let me tell you why! For a long time now I have been wanting to open my own personal training studio in Bristol. The dream is for us to provide a personal training facility which offers the best training and nutrition for fat loss in Bristol. But we needed to find the right place to do it. And...drum roll please...we have found it!!

We've just been through a rather lengthy process of obtaining planning permission to get the property 'change of usage' switched from an office to a gym. The application process has taken 3 long months but yesterday we finally got there and had news from the council that permission has been granted! Sigh of relief!

The official location will be announced in good time but we are keeping it under wraps for a little while longer. Secrets are so hard to keep though, so we'll give you a little bit of info and just say for now that it's in Southville! As I say we're not announcing the exact location just yet but here's a sneaky peak of our new building!!

We'll be blogging about the whole journey of getting the place up together for our big launch in the summer so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the ride.

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