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The first sneaky peek...

As we are getting ever closer to actually getting in to our new studio and starting to build, I couldn't help myself but share with you a couple of sneaky peeks! Ok, I know, it's a pretty boring blank canvas right now (what do you mean you don't like blue carpet and magnolia walls?!) but we have some great plans to turn this in to a perfect training space which you will be itching to get in to and love training in. The room in the pic below will shortly be transformed in to the main training area where you will enjoy a seriously good workout with cardio equipment and free weights.

And after your workout you'll want a nice shower to freshen up right? Well this week I popped in to the studio with the flooring fitter for a final measure up and he left me with some lovely samples for our changing room floor. I'm thinking a volcanic grey or dark walnut right now. What do you reckon?!

More updates coming soon!! If you'd like more information about our training programmes or indeed the new studio in Southville, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on 07874 656 422 or email

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