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Personal trainer tip: Why gym memberships don’t work

Many of us join a gym full of determination to lose weight and get fit. We get all excited, buy a new pair of trainers, get the gym gear, and tell ourselves we will be committed this time.

Why then, in many cases, after just a few weeks does this enthusiasm wane and old habits kick in? Slowly but surely we lose that motivation and stop going all together.

We all know that feeling of being in a gym and not feeling confident or not knowing what we are doing. In what order should I use the equipment? Is this the right technique? Where do I start?

Thoughts come up such as:

‘I won’t go today I’ll go tomorrow instead’

‘I’m sweating a bit, surely that’s enough?’

‘I’ve worked hard I’ll get fish and chips on the way home!’

Recognise any of these? A gym membership alone will not get you the results you want. Having a personal trainer is the best way to reach your goals and make a lasting lifestyle change.

So what’s so great about having a personal trainer?

Your personal trainer is exactly that, PERSONAL. They will design an exercise program specifically for YOU. It’s about your fitness goals and how to get you there by encouraging you to stay on the right track.

WE ARE HUMANS, we need social interaction! Going to the gym solo requires A LOT of motivation. Many gym members find themselves giving up after 15 minutes. Working with a personal trainer who will build a good working relationship with you is key to your success!

RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS! A personal trainer will ensure you maximise your workouts and get real results from your time at the gym.

NO MORE BOREDOM! There’s nothing worse than going to the gym alone and getting stuck in the same routine. A personal trainer will make sure workouts stay fun and varied.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Your personal trainer will provide you with a nutrition plan and guidance to take your health and fitness to the next level. This is vital to achieve your goals.

NO MORE EXCUSES! Working closely with a personal trainer will give you a sense of accountability. A good personal trainer will never judge you but will encourage and support you to stay on the right track.

Remember a personal trainers goal is to empower you to reach your goals and make a positive lifestyle change that lasts!

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