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Personal trainer tips: Healthy weekend habits!

Keeping our healthy eating habits in check at the weekend can sometimes be harder than during the week. There can be several reasons for this: we sleep a little later so our meal times get out of sync, our daily routines aren’t as strict, and we tend to socialise more. However, this should not be an excuse to slip back into old or unhealthy behaviours.

Here are our top tips to combat those unhealthy weekend habits:

Take snacks with you

When you are out and about, take snacks with you. It’s very easy to grab food on the go, and there will be many options available in shops/cafes but they may not necessarily be healthy; if you carry your own healthy snacks, you have already made the healthy choice. In addition, it is easy to delay eating until your social meeting, but it is more important to avoid letting yourself get hungry. By taking snacks with you, you can consume your pre-packed snack and avoid those energy dips, hunger ravings and cravings

Don’t arrive hungry

If you’re out with friends or family make sure you don’t arrive hungry. Eat well throughout the day and it will make easier to pick healthier meal choices or avoid binge eating at a dinner party.

Meal Timings

You normally have a little longer to prepare breakfast on the weekend so make a good hearty breakfast to set you up for the day. Also don’t wait for meals, if you know you are going out for brunch at 11.30am, make sure you eat something before so you aren’t ravenous when you get to the meal and overeat.


If you’re sitting down to catch up on a TV series or movie and you want to snack, make sure you portion it in the kitchen and only take the right amount of food through to the living room. It allows you to keep on track of what you are eating and helps to avoid over indulging. Make sure you have planned your snacks so you don’t end up grabbing whatever you may have available.

Portion Control

It’s easier to grab food when you are at home or out and about, rather than in the office, so make sure you keep portion control in mind. Plate up your portion and don’t go back for more. A good tip for staying on track at work and home is to plan your meals for the next week or do your food preparation on Sunday, so you will already be in the mind frame for eating healthily all week long.


Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so remember to stay hydrated! Make sure you take a bottle of water with you and keep track of how much you have drunk; it’s very easy to let the weekend slip away with little water consumption. It is vital we keep our bodies hydrated over the weekend!

Weekend Workouts

Get that Saturday workout in! Not only will it set you up for the weekend but it means you are less likely to go overboard the night before.

Finally, if you have saved your treat meal for the weekend, eat it and enjoy! Here’s to happy, healthy weekends.

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