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7 strategies to fight food cravings

People experience food cravings for a variety of reasons: from boredom to loneliness, to food addiction and habit.

Fighting them can be really tough!

However, there are some strategies that make it easier to push through them! Next time you feel a craving coming on, try one of these:

1. Brush your teeth. Between overwhelming your mouth with the flavour of toothpaste and having the clean mouth feeling, this is one of the best ways to kill a craving, particularly a craving for something sweet. Bonus: Rinse with mouthwash

2. Chew gum. It occupies your mouth and gives you something flavoursome.

3. Drink water. Often chugging a large glass of water can kill cravings within minutes.

4. Wait it out for 15-20 minutes. Science shows that if you can wait to indulge for around 15-20 minutes that it’s likely you will no longer want the thing you’re craving.

5. Dark chocolate. Keep some 85% or higher dark chocolate squares around to kill late night sweets cravings. Chances are it’ll kill the craving and you won’t want more than one piece.

6. Exercise! Most people do not feel like eating straight after a workout, particularly any type of junk food.

7. Drink plain hot tea. Any variety will do, with nothing added to it!

Have you ever tried any of these? Which will you try when the next craving hits? Comment below!

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