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Risk vs Rewards

Playing it safe gets you nowhere but average. In my life, I’ve taken multiple substantial risks in terms of business, investments, relationships... I’ve lost badly a few times. But I’ve also won big. I was thinking today about how most people aren’t willing to risk the loss despite desiring more for their lives - freedom, body, health, income, whatever the desire is. But instead of focusing on how they’re going to win, people focus on what they have to lose. They stay stuck. Complacent. Settling for average. Just about all of the great things that have happened in my life have come from taking risks. Of course there have been times where I’ve stayed unhappy because the discomfort of taking a risk felt too great and those always turn out to be unhappy times. There is no real reward without substantial risk. And there are no guarantees. But would you rather play it safe your whole life and career or take risk in exchange for something potentially extraordinary? I always choose the latter.

Amy Oldfield

P.S. And if you’re ready to take a chance on yourself and your health, let’s talk. Simply click here and let us know.

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