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Time was never the issue

One of the biggest struggles I always hear from clients and potential clients is that time keeps them from being fully committed to their workouts, good nutrition, and taking care of their health.

And it’s easy to believe.

Whether you’re working full time or in school, taking care of a home and a family, or a combination of those things, it’s true that humans are busier than they’ve ever been.

But if this time in quarantine has shown a lot of people one thing, it’s that time was never really the issue.

Call it lack of motivation, lack of accountability…call it what you will.

Many people are still struggling to take care of their health and fitness despite all the time in the world.

And we’ve always known it’s not time but rather priorities and discipline.

Because if in normal times two equally busy people can have very different health and fitness levels, time is the equaliser, not the divider.

What, if anything, has this time taught you about yourself?

Have you become more or less fit?

How is it affecting the commitment you’ll make once the world reopens?

Please hit reply and share with me! I’d love to know!

The Empowered Fitness Team

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